Pandemic CallCentre on OpenSource

How to run a back-end for the call-centre for the Apple and Google COVID-19 Notification app

As a follow up post to my last post,

I thought let me look at how the Apple and Google Notification API for contact tracing app is build and how we can leverage from the work that has been done by the 2 companies. While privacy is central to the design the 2 companies went for, there are a few reason why some governments are/were not so keen to go the route because of the inability of the governments getting hold of that information for their own analytics and planning.

Lets look at how a country can integrate the essential PIN generation component for that implementation

Tech Stack

Keylock ( - Opensource Identity and Access Management

Deploying the Solution Locally

Looking forward to your comments and ideas, this tech stack can be used to deploy other solutions close to this example. In our next post we are redoing the Machine learning of the COVID19 tracking on AWS using Sagemaker on docker for localised training of the same model.